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Concordia University

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Concordia University

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If any keyword argument does not correspond to a formal parameter name, a Cheap Sale 2018 Huge Surprise Cheap Price RUIDENG women slides slippers air mesh summer square heel TO3oi8
exception is raised, unless a formal parameter using the syntax **identifier is present; in this case, that formal parameter receives a dictionary containing the excess keyword arguments (using the keywords as keys and the argument values as corresponding values), or a (new) empty dictionary if there were no excess keyword arguments.

If the syntax *expression appears in the function call, expression must evaluate to an iterable. Elements from this iterable are treated as if they were additional positional arguments; if there are positional arguments x1 , …, xN , and expression evaluates to a sequence y1 , …, yM , this is equivalent to a call with M+N positional arguments x1 , …, xN , y1 , …, yM .

A consequence of this is that although the *expression syntax may appear after some keyword arguments, it is processed before the keyword arguments (and the **expression argument, if any – see below). So:

It is unusual for both keyword arguments and the *expression syntax to be used in the same call, so in practice this confusion does not arise.

If the syntax **expression appears in the function call, expression must evaluate to a mapping, the contents of which are treated as additional keyword arguments. In the case of a keyword appearing in both expression and as an explicit keyword argument, a Sale Deals The Best Store To Get Laceup crepe dress causal frock design for ladies clothing manufacturer HSd5493 x8JfJXATQ
exception is raised.

Formal parameters using the syntax *identifier or **identifier cannot be used as positional argument slots or as keyword argument names. Formal parameters using the syntax (sublist) cannot be used as keyword argument names; the outermost sublist corresponds to a single unnamed argument slot, and the argument value is assigned to the sublist using the usual tuple assignment rules after all other parameter processing is done.

A call always returns some value, possibly None , unless it raises an exception. How this value is computed depends on the type of the callable object.

If it is—

The code block for the function is executed, passing it the argument list. The first thing the code block will do is bind the formal parameters to the arguments; this is described in section Outlet Free Shipping Authentic Monroo 2018 summer new Korean small fresh bicycle design pleated chiffon dress Clearance Choice lhOdb3qL
. When the code block executes a return statement, this specifies the return value of the function call.

FullArgSpec(args, varargs, varkw, defaults, kwonlyargs, kwonlydefaults, annotations)

args is a list of the positional parameter names. varargs is the name of the * parameter or None if arbitrary positional arguments are not accepted. varkw is the name of the ** parameter or None if arbitrary keyword arguments are not accepted. defaults is an n -tuple of default argument values corresponding to the last n positional parameters, or None if there are no such defaults defined. kwonlyargs is a list of keyword-only parameter names in declaration order. kwonlydefaults is a dictionary mapping parameter names from kwonlyargs to the default values used if no argument is supplied. annotations is a dictionary mapping parameter names to annotations. The special key "return" is used to report the function return value annotation (if any).

Note that signature() and Signature Object provide the recommended API for callable introspection, and support additional behaviours (like positional-only arguments) that are sometimes encountered in extension module APIs. This function is retained primarily for use in code that needs to maintain compatibility with the Python 2 inspect module API.

Changed in version 3.4: This function is now based on , but still ignores attributes and includes the already bound first parameter in the signature output for bound methods.

Changed in version 3.6: This method was previously documented as deprecated in favour of in Python 3.5, but that decision has been reversed in order to restore a clearly supported standard interface for single-source Python 2/3 code migrating away from the legacy API.

Changed in version 3.7: Python only explicitly guaranteed that it preserved the declaration order of keyword-only parameters as of version 3.7, although in practice this order had always been preserved in Python 3.

Get information about arguments passed into a particular frame. A named tuple ArgInfo(args, varargs, keywords, locals) is returned. args is a list of the argument names. varargs and keywords are the names of the * and ** arguments or None . locals is the locals dictionary of the given frame.

Office Locations

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1421 Longworth House Office Building
Washington , DC 20515

Phone: 202-225-2906 Fax:202-225-6942 Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Beloit Satellite Office

100 State Street, 3rd floor
Beloit , WI 53511

Phone: 608-365-8001 Hours:9:30 - 11:30 AM Second Thursday of the Month

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10 East Doty Street, Suite 405
Madison , WI 53703

Phone: 608-258-9800 Fax: 608-258-0377 Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM